1 Hour Short Term Loans

About Us

We started operation at 1 Hour Short Term Loans a few years ago to provide loan solutions to our struggling working class. Our workers are not paid enough to live through the month comfortably.

Barely half of the month passes and they start facing financial challenges. We started our operation to provide financial support to them whenever they encounter financial problems.

We believe that all citizens have the right to financial freedom. We strive to help our poor workers lead a comfortable life.

For this purpose, we have designed a range of loan solutions in consultation with our associated lenders. A few of our loans are highly popular in the market. One is cash loans in one hour and another is fast loans with bad credit.

The first one is good for you when you need hard cash in hand. Due to some reasons, you can’t walk up to bank to withdraw money. Apply for it and our representative will deliver cash at your doorstep.

The second one, we have designed for the people who suffer from poor credit rating. You can avail the loan in a few hours without undergoing credit check. You only need to provide a few of your personal details.

No document, security or guarantor is required. This is an ideal loan solution to help you correct your poor credit rating.

Almost all types of workers come to us in times of financial crisis. Office executives, factory workers, professionals – they all come to us. We have designed our loans in a way that at least one of the solutions matches each one’s requirements.

Every day we receive thousands of applications from various parts of the country. There is hardly a few which gets rejected. While designing loans we have deeply analyzed workers’ diverse profiles and the types of challenges they face usually.

You will definitely find a suitable loan for you if you come to us. Due to the scope of our loans and efficiency of our services, we are the first choice of thousands of borrowers like you.